Thursday, June 18, 2015

E-Session with Roxy!

Should you include your dog in your engagement session?  Most definitely!!  In fact I think your dog should be included in all sorts of photo sessions, including weddings.  My guinea pig is going to have to be included in this year's Christmas card photo (along with Lily, our dog) so I'll have to see who is up for that challenge  LOL

I loved this session with Roxy and her parents and I can't wait for their wedding!

Baby #4

It's always a fun time with this crew and now they have one more cutie added to the mix!  An even mix of boys and girls - well I guess the puppy throws the balance a little bit ;)

Family Tree

The Minnehaha Creek is such an amazing thing to have in Minneapolis and you can even bike, or kayak the whole thing (I think)!  The amazing tree in these photos was right along the creek and is where this couple had engagement photos done.  Now they have an 8 month old cutie to share the tree with.

Sidewalk Dog Session #2

If you haven't checked out Sidewalk Dog yet take a look at their website!  Tons of great info for dog lovers.  And of course they post give-aways on Fridays on their Facebook page, which is where these two cutie pups won a photo session with me!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Sidewalk Dog Session #1

I recently gave away a couple of sessions on the Sidewalk Dog Facebook page (they have give-aways every Friday) and this was one of the winners!  I'm so glad a sweet senior was one of my doggie models, and her little brother was just full of energy  :)