Thursday, September 4, 2014

Miss Dottie Ruffles

If you happened to see my previous post about my trip to New Orleans then you will have a little idea of where Miss Dottie Ruffles was originally from until she was rescued by a wonderful mom up here in Minnesota.  I think Miss Dottie Ruffles has it pretty good up here although she traded beignets for donuts :)

If you want to follow Miss Dottie you can check out her Facebook page!

This past Labor Day weekend I made my first trip to New Orleans, LA for a friend's 40th birthday.  It was the perfect way to celebrate a birthday and now I'm inspired to do something equally as fun when my 40th rolls around.  NOLA was an amazing, although tropical, city with tons of fantastic architecture and history, not to mention I finally got to see the end of the Mississippi - the river I have lived near the beginning of almost my entire life.

I was so in love with the French Quarter I just wanted to share some of the photos from my 48 hours there.  Also included are photos from the great view from our balcony at the Hotel Monteleone and St. Louis Cemetery where the famous Voodoo queen was buried - twice!

On my next visit there I will have to make it a longer stay so I can soak up more of the history and culture, not to mention the beignets and ghost tours!

Did I mention there was a rooftop pool at our hotel?  Yep, pretty awesome-sauce!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Camera Shy Poodle

Back to School has officially happened at my house and now that all the Kindergarten prep is done I can finally focus on catching up around the office, including some summer sessions that haven't made it onto the blog yet!
I don't get to meet poodles very often so this summer family session was a treat!  Too bad she was a little camera shy but we managed to get her in some photos. :)