Hi, I'm Kirsten, the owner and photographer of KME Photography LLC based in the Twin Cities are (that would be Minnesota if you aren't familiar). Thank you for visiting my website!

So you want me to take some photos for you? It's only fair that you know a little about me first. I'm not a writer (maybe that's why I like taking pictures), but I love lists and I think I'm pretty good at bullet points so ...


  • I’m an ENFJ. In Meyers Briggs language that means I’m Extroverted, iNtuitive, Feeling and a Judger. The “judger” part just means I like to make lists, and the “extrovered” part means I may be chatty at our session.
  • My business is named after my initials, KME. I figured I’d save you from having to try and pronounce my last name (Eitreim). Kirsten is hard enough!
  • I have 2 super cute kids and an old lady miniature dachshund, a crazy young mutt, a fairly large "mini" lop (rabbit), and a pretty awesome hubby too!
  • In my previous life, the one before I had kids, I was an environmental engineer.
  • I have a sweet tooth and I love a good latte - #coffeeforlife
  • I love being active so I try to make some time most days of the week to hang out with my gym friends.
  • I love to travel and see new places and now that my kids are older it just keeps getting more fun!
  • I try to plant a vegetable "garden" every year, even if it’s just a few tomatoes in pots.
  • I like to help out all the amazing animal rescues in the area and offer photography services to foster pups looking for their forever home. A good picture can help a dog get adopted!

I look forward to working with you!!