COVID-19 and Photo Sessions in 2020

I remember it like it was March of 2020 – things were generally normal and then all of a sudden it got weird!! COVID-19 stepped into our lives like something out of a science fiction movie and really did a number on us, and it seems like we are not out of the woods yet. So, I need to have a plan (for my personal sanity and because it’s required of businesses LOL) and I’m sharing that with you all here because my sessions going forward this year will be very different from previous years.

Things are slowly opening up and photography is technically permitted but there is going to be a range of what various photographers are comfortable with, and my goal is to keep people healthy and respect all the various government guidelines with this disease. Listed here are the procedures I will be following right now, knowing very well that things are constantly changing with respect to CDC guidelines and other local government recommendations:

  • Sessions will be outdoors only.
  • I will maintain a minimum distance of 6 feet from the subject(s).
  • I won’t be physically greeting anyone (no handshakes, hugs, etc).
  • I will always have a mask and wear it as much as possible. (I only say this because sometimes dogs and kids will need to see my expression in order to engage with the camera.)
  • Session payment and delivery of images will all be done digitally.
  • Sessions will start on time and end at the designated time to minimize contact.


Also note I will be modifying my current sessions as listed. For the time being, all family sessions will be 20-25 minutes unless otherwise agreed upon, and be discounted to my seasonal mini session rate of $250*. Which leads me to mentioning that I will not be having any back-to-back mini sessions this year so please plan accordingly. I would like to space out my sessions as much as possible which means I will have a limit every week (i.e. 2 sessions per day with a minimum of 30 minutes between sessions) and that would include weekend and fall photos at this time. Of course this is subject to change.

If you have made it through all of that, Thank You! I’m looking forward to seeing everyone, from an appropriate distance, starting in July!! 😀

*Foster photos are pro bono as always.

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