A Doggie Passport

Today on the blog… three adorable rescue pups!! One of these cuties was originally a stray pup in another country, which means it has a passport! Can you guess which one?

If you picked the Dalmation/Sheltie mix then you guessed right! (Do you have any ice cream at home? You deserve a treat for guessing correctly, and I’m going to get a treat for writing a blog post 😀 )

How amazing is it that someone working overseas saw a pup in need, who also needed medical help, and did all the extra work to bring them back with them. I can’t get over how cool that is!! Although this is why I think I would have a hard time traveling anywhere that had a lot of stray dogs – I would need to bring them all home.

This whole pack is just the sweetest little group and I had so much fun taking their photos! You can definitely see the personalities 😉



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