Shiba Inu Puppies

This past January I had five sweet rescue Shiba pups come visit me for photos at 2 weeks old – the perfect time for those sweet sleepy baby photos! I just wanted to take the whole basket home!! <3

Then the same crew came in 4 weeks later for their official puppy adoption photos with Rescued Pets Are Wonderful and this time the group shot was a little more tricky but definitely just as cute. What a difference 4 weeks can make!

All puppies have been adopted but as of this blog post their momma, sweet Micki, is still looking for her forever home. I have to admit I totally wanted to keep her because she loves everyone, but she liked my rabbit just a little too much LOL



2 week old photos….


6 week old photos….


Here’s Micki!!! Her Woofda bandana is from Peace Love Local


Here are some of the best puppy foster parents in town!!


And here I am with all the puppies LOL


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