Sunny the Cavy

My sweet little rescue guinea pig, Sunny, passed away early this spring. She made it to about 5 years old (best guess) and made a few appearances on my Instagram during those years, has one blog post dedicated to her, and was included on all our holiday cards – I’ll share a few at the end of this post 😉

We had so many fun little memories with Sunny so we wanted her burial to be special, and this was the first burial we have done of a pet. I found a wonderful eco-friendly burial pod with Paw Pods which also included a little packet with a quote and wildflower seeds, and we had a rock decorated with her name thanks to Rock Matters. Both kids wanted to help with the process so I think it was an important way for them to say good-bye to their squeaky little pet.
(The Love stone was bought separately at a chain store LOL)


We will miss our little Sunshine!!


**It is so hard when a pet passes away, even the little ones, but I’ve found so many great resources on the Joy Session Network Resource page. **

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